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The long, sordid story of serial killer Robert “Willy” Pickton did not end after he was convicted of viciously murdering six vulnerable women from Vancouver’s downtown eastside, said to be the poorest postal code in Canada.

No, his convictions merely heralded the agonizing aftermath of determining how and why the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Vancouver Police Department bungled an investigation that could have and should have ended much sooner.

But even before those questions could be answered, the public shook their heads in disgust as they grappled with the outcome: How could a serial murderer only be convicted of second degree murder? What could have possibly led a jury to conclude that the murders were not planned and deliberate?

Of course, the Crown was correct that a first degree murder conviction would not increase his sentence, but it was the ultimate slap-in-the-face to a grief-stricken community, just recovering…

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