Its fascinating how our perceptions about the future are forever changing. When  Robert Zemeckis enlightened us with  Back to the Future in 1985, the future held keys to our imaginations. In 2007  Francis Lawrence woke our minds up with the movie I am Legend and the future doesn’t hold the same keys.

I look back 10 years and am amazed at how much has changed so fast on a personal level. The future doesn’t hold the same possibilities it once did. That is perhaps a truth we all come to learn as we grow. In any case it is a truth I feel is hard for me to accept. I consider myself to be a mature adult, and an intelligent one at that. Still I have had a hard time fully “growing up”. The simple things were easiest, working, finishing school, respecting your elders and so on. The other factors that come with the title “adult” have always had a hard time adjusting to my life.

If the masses hold  common ideals, why must I go along with those ideals?! I am my own person, and believe in democracy, so why should I settle for hypocrisy?!

Being an adult is more than the robotic life styles I am told to live. As a daughter, my parents have had certain expectations and wishes for me, aside from the ones I have for myself, and I have had a hard time finding a way to make both work parallel in favor of happiness. I have more purpose than to do the things I am supposed to, I do identify myself as a Canadian, Sikh, but before both I am citizen of the planet. I cannot feed into the expectations and the hypocrisy of the masses, I see more to life, my soul is to free to be caged up.

The world is not what it once was, we are trying to reverse what we have done to our planet, and it seems almost too late. We are forgetting about the real issues and are raising our children to be materialistic robots consumed by needs and wants. Social interaction has changed, people care more about how I look than what I feel. I am not seen for the person I am but the person I want people to see me as. Its all suffocating. If growing up means putting on a smile and acting like this is all okay, I refuse. How can I be comfortable with the possibility of having children if I am not comfortable by the world I am bringing them into?!

Like Charles Manson said, “We are not in Wonderland anymore Alice.” Perhaps understanding that and having this awakening is me becoming an adult. The beauty of life is, my reality is what I make it. And if my hippie clothes and my untamed hair isn’t “adult” enough for the world, I have to learn not to give a f*** because in my world, they are all still children.