Truth has a bitter taste, undesirable to some. When one decides it prefers only the sweetness that life has to offer, the bitterness builds up, and releases harsh bitter truths in due time.

You cannot run from the truth, you cannot hide. There are no games that can be played with the truth for it is a sure entity. Truth is a square, no curves or short cuts can be added and still be called a square. It is what it is. Even when it isn’t it is. because even in the isn’t there lies is.

The truth is really hard for many people to hear. It is unavoidable and always prevails in due time. The truth is not always what we think it is. Sometimes we force ourselves to believe we know the truth, but the truth is never forced, truth is patient and pure. The truth cannot be rushed, for it will take as much time as it should. The only truth we have in life is ourselves. The only truth we carry with ourselves is the truth we know. We owe no body justifications on our truth, but sometimes we are forced to, even this is true.

A Poem by Nivie Dhami