“We are equals, still there is a difference in that equality. Don’t try and be a man, be a woman it is powerful business when done correctly.”

To me being a woman means more than being able to pee sitting down, it means compassion and love, understanding and nurturing instincts. It has nothing to do with attire or the gender roles set out by our cultures and society. The fact that femininity is not universal and differs from region to region is proof enough that the universal truth of what makes a woman has yet to be accepted.

I read this quote and I was forced to think deeply into the message. “Don’t try to be a man be a woman, it is powerful business when done correctly…”

What does being a woman mean?! Growing up I was taught that girls sat a certain way, talked a certain way and had to be passive in this aggressive world we live in. I learned that to many being a woman had rules and regulations, and if you didn’t accept them, then the world would not accept you as a woman.

I have since learned that all of those things are bulls****. Being a woman is a gift from Waheguru (God) and once you are given that gift, no one can take that from you. I have rebelled against all social norms my whole life. I don’t like labels, or rules and have a hard time following them justifiably. If I want to sit a certain way, the stares do not stop me, for my femininity is for me to keep. If I like to dress in baggier clothes instead of dressing up like every other girl my age, I should be able to do this without being labelled a “tomboy”.

I turn the TV on to see Hollywood Critics and Celeb Critics on almost every channel. Why are we socially accepting the high school politics we ran from as teenagers?! I look forward to a time where this world will just allow people to be who they are instead of finding joy out of criticizing them.