I myself am a strong believer in religion, there is an undying love and respect I have for Sikhism which is very dear to who I am today. I have spent countless hours researching and trying to understand what all religions represent and have found myself able to relate most to Sikhism. Though at times we come across questions that contradict our beliefs there is no real way to distinguish which is right. So after some research and thinking of what Waheguru (God) is, this is what I was able to grasp.

I had an interesting talk with a friend of mine and we discussed the origin of the human species and discovered that scientifically if you research the process of evolution, human’s can be traced back to fish. It sounded so absurd to me at first, but after some reading and diagrams, I came to the conclusion that it is just as justifiable as the answers religion gives us. The evidence is backed up by hard facts making a strong case to which I cannot be ignorant to.

So, Waheguru is the creator of life; mammals, reptiles and insects all depend on water for survival, our bodies need it and cannot live without it for too long. An active ingredient in H2O is Oxygen without which water would be H2 leaving water as a compound without O incomplete. So if oxygen is needed for water, and water essential to create life, I believe that means that Mother Nature is our Waheguru.

It is interesting in the perspective of a Canadian-Sikh when reading the Hymns in Sikhi. Naturally I read it from a Western perspective and do see the cultural dimensions that have sculpted the perceptions the Hymns express. I see the Hymns as meditations and wise tales more than guidelines for life. Only when we are able to be is when we can see, be the change and one shall see the change. With this being said, it is truly hard to determine what Waheguru (God) is. Waheguru cannot be seen in a picture, or met in person. Waheguru is our spirit and conscious which in my opinion I believe the Hymns help us revitalized. Through meditation we are getting in touch with our selves and Waheguru which is essentially our surroundings. Our mothers and fathers brought us into this world giving such a God-like gift, life. Plants provide our lungs with the God-like gift of oxygen. Leaving me to think about the Hymns and their principals and what the message means to me. I see Waheguru in my mother and father, I see Waheguru in myself, I see Waheguru in Earth.

From my research and my understanding of Sikhism I have gathered that there is no “He” or “She” when referring to Waheguru. If there is no form than Waheguru fails as a being, leaving the possibilities endless. There is always more to what we know and the learning can only continue when one questions what they believe. Is the message of Waheguru so misconstrued leaving loop wholes for corruption or is my head just questioning way to much? I guess there is no way to get a certain 100% rational answer to that question right now, and I think it is safe to say I doubt there will ever be.