Two faces make you real to those who spend less time paying attention to the detail, I am pretty satisfied with my one.

I lack both the capacity and desire to turn back the needles and revisit the past where you were the main focus of life, and proudly I am satisfied with all that was done.

Tomorrow brings a deeper understanding of how important the journey is along with the lessons we learn, Today allows me to appreciate all that I am surrounded by, this is the true gift of life.

We have lost focus on the true purpose and big picture, distracted by the small screens and large lifestyles of nothing.

Feeling so out of place in a world that calls me crazy for being passionate and actually caring for something.

I refuse to dress to impress you, I dress to impress me, I like it that way.

You see my clothes and not my heart because your eyes don’t give your heart the time of day.

Pretend all of this is a dream and life is whatever you want it to be, when you wake up do you like what you see?

A Poem by Nivie Dhami