death/deTH/ Noun

  1. The action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism.

Death, the inevitable end to our existence. I have known my fair share of family members, peers and friends who have fallen victim to this inevitability.

Life is our story, and how we tell it is the gift left up to us. What we do everyday, tells a bit of that story to those around us. When we are gone the story ends and how you want that story to be told is up to us as individuals. Some tell their stories through paintings and art. Some tell their stories through inventions and revolutions. Some tell their stories through love for the world around them and everyone in it. These stories are what we hold on to. Their smiles, their jokes, the small things they did to tell their stories. We carry these stories with us wherever and whenever we go. We cherish those moments and tears form because of the depth of their stories and how dear those stories are to us.  Their impacts make us cry, their love, and the loss of that love. Their pictures bring back the memories, but fail to bring comfort in the fact that they are now only memories.

Like they say, the glass should be half full. Looking at death in a half full perspective, helps me to deal with it, rationalize it and cope with it.

Whenever I hear of another fallen solider in this battle called life, I begin to contemplate the concept of life and purpose. I over analyze my decisions and the curiosity of spirituality begins to consume more and more of my time.

Life is beautiful and wonderful, it is also dark and horrible. There will be Death only where there has been Birth. Ying Yang, the balance of life.

Life (Here on Earth), in my opinion, is a small fraction of our spiritual journey. Our physical lives here on Earth, have purpose, that help our spiritual lives get to where home is. Once the purpose of our physical lives are fulfilled, the time comes for the spirit to continue to the next phase of its journey. Set free from this world, they enter a world that inevitably awaits us all. Like the definition of death itself states, it is merely the death of an organism. Where our spirit goes after this mortal death has yet to be experienced and learned, and until we are here it will always remain a mystery. Although my knowledge of this place is a mystery, I am convinced it is a better place than mortality and life on Earth.  Death is in fact the only truth and surety life has to offer.

This week I would like to pay tribute to someone I knew. A solider at the least, Avtar Banga, a man who brought a smile to my face whenever I saw him. I might not have known him as well as those closest to him, and I hadn’t seen him in years, and still, his death hit close to home. Time doesn’t stop for anyone or anything. It will continue to go on even now that he is gone. He will always be remembered in my heart for his warm smile and quirky jokes. His wit and his smarts, his willingness to always see outside the box. He will always be loved by those whom he loved and that will never change. He was here and now he is gone, all too fast. But despite his absence, his presence will always be felt. My condolences to his family, friends and loved ones. May his soul rest happily in paradise, and may his smile never be forgotten.

Rest in Peace Hardeep Gill. I remembered you today.

God Bless the souls who’ve come and gone, and those still among us. Appreciate everything, and tell your story well.

Love and Peace