I have this world in my head that follows me around everywhere. A world need not dates and holidays to influence emotion or appreciation. A world without laws or restraints, a world to perfect for such political taint. This world is based on truths, actual ones, not those poor excuses of truths mortality relies on, but actual truths, ones our universe was created from. This world needs not materialism for it can never obtain superficiality. This world is based on lost principals that seem obscure because of the clout of the invisible hand we all seem to fall under.

Since I was little this world has evolved and become more beautiful with time. The more I learn and unlearn the more wonderful this world becomes. At times this world seems a foggy distant anticipation I hold, and then I tune in again, flip the pages and the world returns. I cherish this world of knowledge and warmth, although it makes the reality I live in feel so incomplete. This world is where I belong, and when I really need to go there I close my eyes. I patiently await the day where that is all my mortal soul will do so I can join this world. Until then I continue to grow this world into all that I can, so that when I join this world it will be ready for me.

A Poem by Nivie Dhami