Although we all have developed new methods of transportation, our journey’s seem to have lost their way. All that was colour and all that was beautiful has since turned to rubble and grey.

The secrets of Siruis and the joy that star brings us, doesn’t seem to matter in the present. When in reality its abundant importance was all the past consumed and now we are moving further away from the relevant.

Life is more than working a nine to five with bills to pay and people to please. I have no desire to consume myself with all this materialistic, insignificant greed.

Where will these luxurious cars go when our souls departs these bodies, will all these things matter then. I will not become a product of social construction, I want to exercise my spiritual liberation with no limits to how and when.

This consumption of the devilish greed I see around me everyday makes me ill. What happened to the bliss and dharma we are all here to obtain, what happened to free will?

It saddens me that we have forgotten the science and the spiritual journey’s which were so clear generations before us. Religion wasn’t created to separate or destroy, it was created to maintain distance from humans and lust.

Why haven’t we closed Pandora’s box after generations of destruction? Why haven’t we began the reconstruction?!

I can ramble for days on how much I detest being a part of a generation so far from the truth and good. Regardless I will continue on my path just as I should.

Love eachother, share a thought, live as though it was worth all the wars that we fought.

Otherwise, really….What was the point anyway.

Nivie Dhami