Sing a song for me,

Let the words set free, what your eyes refuse to see, and your heart can’t be, Let the words flow deep, Like all seven seas, let the meanings take control and create moments my soul can keep.

Let there be music in the silence of our stares,

Let yourself do things that you normally wouldn’t dare, let your heart be open and bare, to feel what is already there, the love and connect that makes you so scared, because life’s never fair, so dare, to care without despair.

Don’t be afraid to leap.

Because even though you might loose sleep, the trip is worth the experiences you’ll reap, it wont always be easy, fear may creep, up on your will and you may weep, but no pain is concrete, so simply delete, any doubt that might increase, your chance to cheat, yourself from true peace.

It is hard to trust and show,

How you feel to those, you may not really know, but avoid quid pro quo, life isn’t about games although, some play games and some bestow, the warmth that will come to grow, if your just let go, and feel like those, who hold, hands till life becomes grey and old.

So sing me a song, It doesn’t have to be long, let go because nothing that is said from the heart is wrong, in the end our hearts will go where they belong.

So sing a song for me and see if this is where we need to be,

Even though, you already know, what your hearts too afraid to show, what your heart feels, because its forreal, and sometimes you can’t deal, with the reality of what you conceal,

Because of the fears, of heartbreaks and tears.

Nivie Dhami