I walked into a room with no mirrors, the room had been through more ridicule than my own fears.
And so the room didn’t know how to be, because there were no mirrors to dictate how to see.
Mirrors were such a big part of my life, It was these mirrors that encouraged self loathing and strife.
I relied on these mirrors everyday, so this room with no mirrors just blew me away.
I knew this room would soon change the way I feel, because I didn’t need the mirrors anymore to tell me how to be real.
I could strip the cages and unlock the doors, to this new room that put to end all the internal wars.
I was excited to be in this new room, where I would leap to truth and abloom,
I began to decorate the walls, I put up memories to remind me of the scars and falls, from the mirror dolls.
This room was now my home, because without the mirrors I no longer felt alone.
I could sit in the room without mirrors for days, because the room, like me, didn’t need the mirrors any way.

A Poem by Nivie Dhami