If life is but an illusion, its really fucked up and confusin’, I’m sick of the rippin’, tearin’ and abusin’, this patriarchial battle I think we’re loosin, because of the sides we be choosin’.

Why can’t we just support our sisters, even if their choices leave blisters, why can’t we shy away from those ideas of pictures, idolizing these abusive misters.

We can’t we stand side by side, instead of holding on to our foolish pride, even when we hear our sisters cry, we turn our lights off and turn a blind eye, WHY?!

It doesn’t matter that we wear less, but it matters that we care less.

You give reasons to hate her, and give reasons not to date her, and call yourself an ally to the feminist movement?

Seeing the way you move and seeing the bullshit you do, take a seat,

feminist student.

A rant by Nivie Dhami