I invite you all
to take a little time
to wonder my mind
with thoughts and words that rhyme

I warn you though,
not all of these words are kind.

I hate that in this country I’m supposed to feel some sort of free,
when in this country there are people that go to sleep hungry.

I hate that people act like they care,
by clicking on like buttons on Facebook shares.

I hate the word slut
for how its used
as tools of abuse,
I hate even more that we don’t tak about these issues

I hate that education is key to the locked golden doors
SHUNNED to those that don’t have that sort of money.

I hate that my address is supposed to tell you something about my life
as my self proclaimed victories hide under piles of self loath and strife.

I fuckin hate,
fuckin hate
fuckin hate the system
even more than that I hate that we blame each other for what IT does to us.

Alongside that hate,
I hate that I can’t express this without legislation’s deeming that expression unjust.

I hate that I’m so incredibly weird,
sometimes I even hate that I’m queer

Because in my reality both of these are something to fear.

I hate that when I express this in sweeter words,
people take me for a push over hippie bird.

Sometimes I even hate that I am kind
because it makes a truly good friend hard to find.

I have even begun to hate that I care,
in a cold world world that shows me that there is little love to spare.

I’m sick of being kind about these words,
because my message doesn’t seem to get across like prefer,
SO THIS TIME, I chose another angle,
To FOCUS our ATTENTION on this INTENSE web of lies and oppression,
That’s so fuckin’ tangled….

That’s so fuckin’ tangled.

A Poem by Nivie Dhami